UEFA president Michel Platini attacks in Madrid because of sanctions and the two Spanish giants, was in Madrid as a "persona non grata." However, when the Champions League history's most brilliant when the two teams meet Bernabeu, Florentino still invited Michel Platini. However, to the Real Madrid site, Platini Surprisingly, no good words, he not only praised Real Madrid's arch-rivals Barcelona star Lionel Messi headed, but once again, that Real Madrid to buy C Lo "too extravagant."
"I did say that with so much money to buy C Lo is inappropriate, but I am not the only one who think so." Platini's opinion has not changed, he said: "The participation in European competitions should be more transparent the financial situation of the club, the club should not have to spend money than they earn more than that this policy will be implemented after three years. "
Turning to this year's Golden Globe winner Michel Platini will be voted for Messi: "I think it is Messi. In the last season, his performance was a good. I think he should get all the best players this year awards, as the same as last year's C-Lo. I like Messi, of course, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Torres. "In the Bernabeu, Platini seems to forget with a certain Real Madrid star's name.10.23C


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